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From one natural parent to another, sharing my journey to a slower, more sustainable way of living is a huge passion and an honor. I write about how I’m working to lower our family’s impact on the planet, reusing and DIY-ing what I can instead of buying, and stewarding the land we have been blessed with to call home. 

Being a mother is a balancing act; one of beauty, challenges and immense patience.

Let’s talk about living slowly and naturally.

Simultaneously, raising young kids and living in a disposable, busy culture.

How do we navigate all this? Who knows, but let’s work through it together.

Giving grace and holding space, for each other and ourselves. 

Motherhood is a work of art, love, and sacredness. Let me speak to your heart with gentle and simple poetry.

e book of haiku poetry
My first book of poetry has been cultivating beneath the surface for over three years. This first, short collection of haikus on motherhood, transformation and rebirth is for everyone and anyone who enjoys poetry, not just mothers. We all go through changes of heart and mind. Now, a gentle release brings forth a new piece of being, the first of many books.

Our natural parenting journey can be simple yet wondrous.

Challenging too, yes, but we don’t have to subscribe to any one thing just to appease the masses. Natural living is just a broad term with a wide span of facets. Whether you’re a crunchy parent or a zero waste family, we can all agree that slowing down and keeping the planet in mind are good things. 

When we leave this earth, what are we leaving behind?

Our children and the earth herself. 

Those two things are interwoven in every fiber of my being and here is where I offer it all up. 

To God and to you, dear reader. 

I hope that here you can find some peace of mind. Kids or not, where your journey takes you is exactly where it’s meant to be.

Let’s waste less from the very beginning of their life.

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